Hi there,


We’re Chris and Serein, founders of The Art of Care. Here’s a little about us and why we started the shop

It has always been my (Serein) dream to own a small shop of curated self-care favorites, but I also questioned if there was a need or space for such a thing. What would make my shop different? 

After dealing with depression, anxiety, and MAJOR menstrual pains for decades, I finally decided to try activated hemp at the urging of Chris (and all his research).

Initially I had A LOT of reservations, but traditional prescriptive and over the counter medication was just not an option I wanted to continue with. Since I started using activated hemp, I’ve been AMAZED at the benefits I've experienced in my use in my daily life, with minimal to no side effects. I’m able to be 100 percent me.

Chris has always had trouble sleeping. Since we first met, he’s taken herbs, prescriptions, over the counter medications, you name it, he’s tried it. It was by chance that he tried activated hemp to help with a Jiu-Jitsiu injury and discovered that it helped him fall asleep and stay asleep. This was a life changing moment and Chris began doing more and more research. 

As we discovered different brands and products we started sharing them with friends and family and on socials. So many people wanted to know where they could find good quality products.

We researched more and more, and thought that doing this much research was extremely time consuming and might cause someone who is new to activated hemp to feel lost and decide to abandon their search. This could cause someone to miss out on something that could potentially have a profound impact on their life. For those of us who are already passionate about activated hemp we felt that there wasn't one place where we could go to find new products that were curated and got us excited to try them


So, as they say "necessity is the mother of all invention." We decided to start @TheArtOfCare a place to find all things self-care related starting with quality activated hemp derived products and all things that aline with our standards for self care.

We hope you'll follow along on our journey.

2018 The Art of Care